5 Reasons you need our new Communication Diary

If you are a special needs school then you will be excited by our new diary.  This is the first diary designed for special needs schools in Ireland.

“Why don’t you design a diary that specifically caters for students with special needs?”

This is the question we have been getting from principals of special needs schools repeatedly at education conferences.
The market asked and we have responded. Last week we launched the Communication Diary. Here are 5 reasons a special needs school should order the Communication Diary.

1. Parents require increased communication

Our Communication Diary allows increased communication between the school and parents. This keeps parents posted on the progress of their child and allows parents to communicate back to the school.

2. The Communication Diary is more suitable

Primary and secondary schools all over the country have their own journals which are tailored for each type of student and school. The feedback is that they don’t work for special needs students. For example special needs students don’t get homework. The Communication Diary is much more suitable in that it allows them to record personal information, their communication profile and their school experiences on a daily basis.

3. The Diary was designed by an SNA teacher

The Communication Diary was designed by a special needs teacher with intimate knowledge of the requirements of special needs students and who was able to create a bespoke diary that ideally suits this school community.

4. High Quality Diary

The Communication Diary is a B5 full colour diary with spiral binding and a protective cover. This high quality offering is robust, engaging and durable.

5. Students can set SMART Targets

It is possible to individualise an education plan for each student using SMART Targets. Each SNA can set out goals for each student that are (1) Smart (2) Measurable (3) Attainable (4) Relevant and (5) Time-bound.If you would like to obtain a sample of our Communication Diary or talk to a 4Schools.ie representative please contact 01-8081494 or email info@4schools.ie