Digital Technology — Transforming Teaching and Learning

Many teachers find correcting learners’ work to be essential as it provides an in-depth understanding of where the learner is at, at any given time.

As valuable as it is, though, it’s also time-consuming and repetitive work.

What if teachers could issue pre-set assignments, linked to the curriculum, to students? What if the students’ responses were automatically corrected and teachers could see in advance of each lesson who had completed the assignments, who succeeded or struggled and where? This would allow teachers to tailor their teaching to the specific needs of the learners.

This is exactly what Examcraft Formative does – it is an assessment tool that saves teachers hours and hours of work while at the same time ensuring they are better equipped than ever to support every learner in their classroom.

Examcraft Formative will have a transformational impact on teaching and learning as it allows teachers to gain learning insights in real time, and to give real-time intervention to support learning. It seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom and Microsoft teams, which means that the onboarding time is only minutes.

Examcraft Formative was designed by a teacher to solve a teacher’s problem: the need to spend hours and hours, week after week, supporting student learning through correction of their work. We are currently launching Examcraft Formative into progressive Irish schools that are using digital tools to support teaching and learning. If you would like to be part of this journey, drop an email to info@examcraftgroup.ie